CASAMBI® - Components, modules and controllers

Each CASAMBI module is both a transmitter and a receiver.  This creates its own Bluetooth network (mesh network). The modules communicate with each other and therefore do not need a central unit. All CASAMBI components automatically establish contact with all other accessible modules. This ensures that all modules are always on the same level.

The radio range outdoors is about 20m and increases from luminaire to luminaire. Two modules with different properties are currently available. Both modules can be combined in a network without any problems.
CASAMBI is an intelligent control system for lighting, roller shutters and ohmic loads whose connection and control functions wirelessly.  The app connects the luminaires, roller shutters or ohmic loads to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth interface. With this, up to 250 modules (luminaires and devices) or conventional light switches can be controlled in a simple and user-friendly way.

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