Central power supply systems - smart solutions

The product range of RP-Technik GmbH includes centrally or decentrally powered complete systems for up to 50.000 luminaires. The different systems can be combined with each other, optimally adapted to individual requirements and most of them have been tested by TÜV Bauart.
Using the common web-based visualisation interface, combined systems can be centrally monitored in different buildings or parts of buildings, for example. All power supply systems are developed, manufactured and tested in Germany in accordance with the applicable European and national standards for installers.
Our maintenance-friendly low-power systems (myControl, microControl, miniControl) are suitable for smaller projects or for only one fire compartment. They are extremely economical, as no fireproof wiring is required.
The more powerful central power supply systems (midiControl, multiControl, MDC) are designed for large buildings and supply up to 96 circuits. A maximum of 32 such systems can be networked together without additional software. All RPower® batteries are located in one central place - this minimises maintenance and reduces operating costs.