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Series / EE-series

The discreet downlight meets DIN EN 60598-1, DIN EN 60598-22 and DIN EN 1838. Made of zinc-aluminum it fi ts unobtrusively on the ceiling. Besides normal recessed ceiling mounting it can also be mounted in conventional fi re protection boxes. The status LED integrated within the lens does not interrupt the harmony of the decent housing. Optimal light distribution and lighting of escape and rescue routes is achieved by use of cluster lenses and powerful ERT LED technology. The EE emergency light is available with round (EERx) or square (EEQx) cover.

The fourth letter marks the type of lense used in the luminaire:

EERR / EEQR The radiate beam of the EERR / EEQR illuminates the escape and rescue route for ceiling heights up to 4m most eff ective at intersections of two corridors.

EERF / EEQF The EERF / EEQF has a lens to focus the light into two main directions. This corridor lights is particularly eff ective for normal ceiling heights up to 4m and enables luminaire spacing of about 18m in the escape route.

EERS / EEQS The spot lens of the EERS / EEQS ensures an even distribution of light in all directions, even with ceiling heights over 4m.


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