LIGHTLINX® – mobile control and safety in the cloud

The LIGHTLINX® cloud provides operators of emergency lighting systems with an overview of the various systems they have installed and the status of each one of them. Should a fault occur, the operators are therefore able to respond quickly and efficiently to ensure their systems continue to run.

Each installation that is linked online to the cloud uploads data about its configuration, status, details of its individual modules, logbooks and test logs to the cloud. Data is either synchronised manually or automatically:
  • Manual synchronisation: Is triggered by someone (caretaker, technician) on-site.
  • Automatic synchronisation: Is undertaken automatically by the device on-site, e.g. at regular intervals.
Can be accessed from a PC, tablet or mobile   Overview of all projects
Automatic test log   Better planning of service work

The systems available with LIGHTLINX®

Emergency and safety lighting systems Availability
Wireless Basic
Wireless Professional Systems Cooming soon
Core Compact Cooming soon
Central battery systems Cooming soon


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