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Light source Casa Bulb

Rodgau-based RP Group is expanding their range of general-purpose luminaires with the new CASA BULB CCT. The illuminant has an integrated CASAMBI® Controller and can be conveniently controlled via the app from a smartphone or tablet. The light colour can be infinitely varied from warm white (2,200 K) to cold white (6,900 K). The intelligent lighting control system allows you to adapt the light to your personal mood and situation during the course of a day.

Using a smart light control system is the perfect way to create different moods using lighting, to dim lights and also to reduce your energy consumption. CASAMBI® is an intelligent lighting control system that connects and controls wirelessly. The app connects the luminaires through its Bluetooth interface to your tablet or smartphone. The system can be simply controlled and operated in a user-friendly manner via mobile devices or pushbutton too. A maximum of 127 luminaires can be controlled in one network using the app.






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