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Maximise quality, convenience, and cost efficiency. For general-purpose building lighting ROPAG GmbH offers a new wireless solution: LED luminaires combined with CASAMBI intelligent lighting control as a package solution: CASAMBI INSIDE. The innovative luminaire range with integral Bluetooth technology is easy to set up and control using the user-friendly CASAMBI app.

CASAMBI is an intelligent lighting control system that connects and controls wirelessly. The app connects the luminaires through its Bluetooth interface to your tablet or smartphone. This enables you to control up to 127 luminaires via mobile devices or even conventional light switches, simply and in a user-friendly way.



Every CASAMBI module that is integrated in the luminaire is both transmitter and receiver with a range of up to 50 metres (ASH and PWMA4 module), forming its own socalled mesh network. This increases the range of the Bluetooth signal.

It defines parameters such as brightness and colour per luminaire or luminaire group. The timer enables you to automate entire lighting scenes. CASAMBI can also take sunrise or sunset times into account based on the location and adjust the timer accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you have fluorescent lamps, high voltage halogen lights (230 V) or the most diverse LED lighting solutions.



No central unit required, every module is both a transmitter and receiver
Wireless range 20 m, extends from luminaire to luminaire
Up to 127 modules in any one network
No additional cabling required
Ideal for upgrades
Reduces project costs
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