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DIALux Partnership

As of 01 March 2022, the RP Group has entered into a partnership with DIAL. This means that all products are now directly available in DIALux and can be used directly for planning emergency and safety lighting.

In addition to the large variety of products, the RP-Group products are also available as 3D objects in DIALux.

About DIALux:
DIAL develops software tools and planning strategies, plans lighting and building automation systems and communicates the knowledge and practical experience gained in planning, research and testing in seminars.

With DIALux, DIAL develops the internationally leading planning tool for the lighting design of indoor and outdoor spaces. DIALux not only makes professional lighting design easier and accessible to everyone. As a platform and tool, it networks planners and manufacturers all over the world.

What are the advantages of DIALux?

  • Simple, effective and professional lighting design.
  • Always up-to-date and technically state-of-the-art software available to the user free of charge.
  • Optimum coordination with the existing planning workflow.
  • Planning of entire buildings including the exterior.
  • Calculation of street scenes according to EN-13201.
  • Planning with colour filters, coloured light sources and coloured materials.
  • Integrated ray tracing module creates photo-realistic impression.
  • Energy evaluation in the shortest possible time.
  • Visualisation of transparent materials in CAD.
  • Dimensioning and labelling directly in CAD.
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