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First Rodgau Open Industry Festival

Cover page for the Rodgau Open Festival event

The last weekend in August (Aug. 31 and Sep. 1) is the date of the first RODGAU Open Industry Festival. Under the patronage of the town of Rodgau, companies in Rodgau-Jügesheim have got together and along with their staff will be providing local children, young people and adults with show acts, food, drink and basically lots of fun.


“I’m absolutely thrilled with this initiative, which was the brainchild of the companies involved. The town of Rodgau was therefore delighted to take on patronage and support the RODGAU Open Industry Festival”, says Jürgen Hoffmann, Lord Mayor of the town of Rodgau, encouraging people to come along to the event: “It’s very rare to have the opportunity to visit companies and discover exciting jobs in energy, cleanliness, emergency power technology or 3D printing with the whole family.”


The companies involved are looking for fresh young blood and skilled workers and the RODGAU Open Industry Festival therefore gives visitors the opportunity to visit the following firms without any obligation:


• Assion Haustechnik (

• Frank´s Carwash Waschparks (

• ELEMENTS Rodgau (

• Energieversorgung Rodau (

• Harema GmbH (

• Kegelmann Technik GmbH (

• MEWA Textil-Textil-Service AG & Co. Rodgau (

• RP-Technik GmbH (

• Stadtwerke Rodgau (

Skilled staff, proud of their professions and employers, will be on hand at all companies to show young people, but also their own families, where they work.


But the organisers want everyone to have a good time too: there will be a central venue with a huge stage, tents and music, food and drink and a bouncy castle for the kids in the grounds of Stadtwerke Rodgau at Hans-Böckler-Str. 1. The band Dr. Blond will be getting everyone into the right mood on the Friday night.


RODGAU Open Industry Festival - key information:

Venue: Rodgau Jügesheim, based at Hans-Böckler-Str. 1

Start: Friday, 31.8.2018 from 1pm with company tours, food and drink, music, ...

Friday, 5pm on stage: Discussion about the economy, training and skilled workers hosted by Lord Mayor, Hoffmann, as well as head of the local district authority, Oliver Quilling, and the managing directors of the companies involved.

Friday, between 7pm and around 11pm: Dr. Blond

Saturday, 10am to 4pm: More company tours and bands from the schools of Rodgau will be performing on the stage

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