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Pluggable lenses

The luminaires of the KB, KC, KWI, KE, KX series, which are currently still equipped with 4x ERT LEDs with fixed lenses, will now be equipped with the flexible lens system FlexiClick.

The luminares with article numbers 021, 023, 028, 029, 421, 423, 428, 429, 529 are delivered with a clicked-on corridor lens as standard. The available round lens can be ordered as an option. The decisive advantage for the installer: The lens can be exchanged according to the lighting requirement.

The ERT-LED (Escape Route Type) used has been optimized to use our interchangeable lenses. Basically, when ordering the above-mentioned items in the application, not much changes for the user at first. The ERT-LEDs are equipped with a lens in our house, which has the same emission characteristics as the previously glued lens. The advantage for the installer is he has the option to change the lens according to the lighting requirement. The new lighting technology

The photometric data will be available both in DIALUX and on our website from mid-June 2023.

Further information on the FlexiClick lens system

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