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Taking up the illuminated corridor in the cinema

Rodgau-based RP Group is expanding their range of Flexstrips with a new selection of RGBW lighting strips. The high luminosity and intense colour of these LEDs creates vivid colours across the entire room. The high-quality LED strip lights boast 36 SMD LED chips per metre and guarantee even illumination with IP20 and IP65 protection – and come with adhesive tape on the reverse for easy application. The multi-coloured RGB Flexstrips are perfect for office buildings, hotel lobbies, event venues, trade fairs and catering.

The highlight: Combine the Flexstrips with CASAMBI intelligent lighting control to maximise the experience. Using a smart light control system is the perfect way to create different moods using lighting, to dim lights and also to reduce your energy consumption.



CASAMBI is an intelligent lighting control system that connects and controls wirelessly. The app connects the luminaires through its Bluetooth interface to your tablet or smartphone. This enables you to control up to 127 luminaires via mobile devices or even conventional light switches, simply and in a user-friendly way.

It defines parameters such as brightness and colour per luminaire or luminaire group. The timer enables you to automate entire lighting scenes. CASAMBI can also take sunrise or sunset times into account based on location and adjust the timer accordingly. It works whether you have fluorescent lamps, high voltage halogen lights (230 V) or the most diverse LED lighting solutions.


Available as single light band or as CASAMBI Inside version
Separately white and RGB controllable
Uniform area illumination
IP 20 or IP65
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