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Sub-distributors in single-conductor technology

Scheme USV systems

The MCUV-E represents the latest series of sub-distributors for multiControl plus devices. It offers the option of individual circuit modules (DIN rail module TSM32) of the multiControl plus or midiControl plus being outsourced in a separate housing. For large objects, this offers the possibility of saving cable ways and thus installation material. This results in a cost reduction and, above all, the reduction of the fire load.
Power is supplied in single-conductor technology by AC / DC switching in the multiControl plus or midiControl plus main unit. This means that the MCUV-E is supplied with AC voltage as long as the main unit is operating in mains mode. In the event of a power failure or test operation, the MCUV-E is supplied with DC voltage. Thus, in contrast to conventional systems with two supply lines (AC line and DC line) only one supply line (AC / DC line) is required, which can be achieved further savings of installation material.

Each subdistributor has 4 separate CCIFs, allowing 4 closed current loops to be individually monitored on each MCUV-E. On request, the MCUV-E can be ordered with integrated SAM24.
As an additional option, an additional power supply from a local general light distributor is available. In this way, a tenant-related energy supply of the luminaires connected to the MCUV-E can be realized. When the system is ready for operation, the lights are supplied by the local general light distributor. Only when the voltage from the general light distributor or priority emergency or test operation by the main unit fails, the lights are supplied from the main unit via the single-conductor supply.


Reduction of the fire loads
Reduced use of E30 installation materials
Reduced wire length (safety relevance and cost savings)
Standardised, time-saving planning in accordance with fire sections
Four closed-circuit current loops in each subdistributor
Available with optional local energy supply
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