Casambi ASD Bluetooth control module with

The CBU-ASD-LR unit is a module that can be directly integrated into a luminaire to control it wirelessly. It is designed for 0-10V, 1-10V halogen drivers as well as LED or DALI dimming interfaces. There is the option to configure the control output as a local digital DALI dimming interface or as an analog interface.

The module is controlled through the CASAMBI® app for smartphones and tablets, now featuring the enhanced Bluetooth Long Range feature for even greater coverage. Alternatively, control via light switches is also possible.

With CASAMBI® CBU-ASD-LR modules, you have the ability to control a large number of luminaires from any point. This is made possible through a secure and wireless mesh network that the units automatically create. No repeaters, routers, cables, or external gateways are required for this.

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Technical specifications
Article number
Electrical Data
CASAMBI suitability
Input voltage AC
AC 220-240V / 50-60Hz
Type of dimming
DALI, 0-10V
Communication type
Bluetooth, Wireless, Casambi
Connection cross-section
1.5 mm²
Frequency band
2,403 - 2,479 GHz
Max. transmission power
+4 dBm
Acceptance Tests
Protection class
Protection type (IP)
IP 20
Ambient temperature range
-20 to +40 C°
Storage temperature range
-25 to +75 C°
Housing temperature max., TC
75 C°
Physical Data
Housing material
Housing color
Product dimensions length
56.5 mm
Product dimensions width
35.8 mm
Product dimensions height
22.3 mm
Product weight
48 g