LiFePO4 3,2 V / 4,5 Ah LiFePO4 - Lithium-

Why should you choose LiFePO4-batteries for your application –
An overview of the advantages

• Cyclic:
More than 2000 cycles with one hundred percent discharge are possible without any problem.
This ensures a battery lifetime of several years even in cyclic applications.

• Lightweight:
In comparison with ordinary lead-acid-batteries, LiFePO4-batteries weigh considerably less,
this enables easier handling of these batteries.

• Safe:
An internal battery management system guarantees the safety of the LiFePO4-batteries.
It regulates the charging, monitors the cell status and optionally provides the possibility of adding a data cable,
an external fuse or a data interface to the battery itself.

• Simple:
LiFePO4-batteries including a battery management system can be charged with standard lead-acid characteristic curves,
which requires – even with this new battery technology – no new charging adjustments.
In addition to that, the batteries are completely maintenance-free.

• Fast:
The batteries can be easily and quickly charged due to the fast charging function.

• Temperature-resistant:
The battery function is not damaged by the outside temperature.
Between -20 °C and +60 °C – The batteries can be used any time.

• Durable:
LiFePO4-batteries endure, even in discharged status, the holiday time without any damage.
There are no negative occurrences when partly discharged, for example, like sulphation or dehydration,
which can happen to lead-acid batteries. Additionally, the cells of the LiFePO4-batteries are mechanically consistent.

• Green:
LiFePO4-batteries do not contain toxic heavy metals, additive, there is no outgassing, which it is typical for other batteries.
In times where environmental protection becomes more and more important,
the environmentally friendly LiFePO4-batteries will be the best choice.

• Flexible:
The mounting options of these batteries are completely variable.
Also in case of specific projects, RP-Technik is able to provide ideal solutions.

Technical specifications
Article number
0 mm
0 mm
0 mm
0 kg
maintenance free
Stecker / Plug
6 Jahre / 6 years
Central degasing
Capacity C3
4,5 Ah
Capacity C5
4,5 Ah
Capacity C10
4,5 Ah
Nominal voltage
VDS approved