Emergency and safety lighting – Highlights for secure environments

RP-Technik GmbH is one of the largest German manufacturers of emergency lighting products. We were the first provider offering emergency lights with LED technology and are innovation leader in the field of wireless solutions for emergency and escape sign luminaires. With high quality OLED design luminaires, luminaires for dynamic escape route control and comfortable wireless monitoring systems, we set new trends in the market. Moreover, our development department designs modern, modular power supply systems for different requirements, which can be easily configured and maintained via network connections.

Our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and made of recyclable materials. They ensure an efficient operation and safety in case of an emergency. New technologies are developed and tested in own departments and in the state-of-the-art and TÜV-certified light laboratory. Functional aesthetics are provided by the internal product design department. Hence, our products have already received several renowned awards.

Emergency and safety lighting
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