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Cloche d'Or


The Cloche d'Or shopping centre was built in the heart of Europe and is the centrepiece of the new district of the same name. Both are only 5 minutes away from Luxembourg City, Cloche d'Or is also directly accessible from France, Belgium and Germany.

Key figures:

  • 75,000m² of retail space
  • over 130 international brands
  • 2,850 parking spaces
  • Up to 50,000 customers daily
  • Opening date: 2019

Over 5,000 RP products were supplied in the complete building complex:

  • 1,800 emergency luminaires from the KBU series
  • 900 emergency luminaires/rescue sign luminaires from the PF series
  • 700 IL-series emergency luminaires
  • 600 emergency luminaires/rescue sign luminaires from the KC series
  • 380 A-series escape sign luminaires
  • 300 combined emergency luminaires from the QAW series
  • 7 central power supply systems from the MCX series
  • 2 central power supply systems from the MCS series
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