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Groß-Gerau regional hospital

Groß-Gerau, Germany

The Groß-Gerau regional hospital provides outpatient and inpatient care to people living in the Groß Gerau region and surrounding areas. As a municipal health centre, the regional hospital provides local medical care for acute illnesses, accidents and diagnostic screening. It also focuses on providing a complete maternity service. In all departments, the hospital combines state-of-the-art technology

with medicinal expertise and personal care. When upgrading to a modern hospital, the region invested in the future. All old fluorescent lamps were replaced with our energy-saving LED recessed panels (item: PA-626209-NWS). The purchase costs have been paid off relatively quickly due to operational savings.


Optimal illumination by also lowering energycosts
Longer lifespan of LED-illuminants
CASAMBI® suitability
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