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Montessori campus

Dietzenbach, Germany

The Dietzenbach Montessori Association was founded in 2007 by a group of fifteen dedicated parents. Their aim was to set up and then continue to promote a Montessori school to enrich the existing local educational landscape. The primary school opened its doors for the 2008/09 academic year and the nursery opened in September 2008. Today, the Dietzenbach Montessori Association welcomes children in one U3 group up to grades 1-10.

Lighting has a major effect on mood and ability to concentrate. For this reason, the Dietzenbach Montessori Association opted for products from ROPAG GmbH. Over 400 recessed LED panels (item: PA-024001-NW) have a positive and significant impact on the ability of children in the nursery and pupils in the primary school to concentrate and remain attentive and active. 



The right light creates perfect conditions for effective learning. Guard students are more motivated and follow the lessons more attentively
Optimal illumination by also lowering energycosts
CASAMBI® suitability
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