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RP Group warehouse

Rodgau, Germany


A smart expansion
The growning RP-Group needed an additional building to storing and qualitychecking their ownbranded RPOWER® Batteries as well as for storing the general illumination-LED their innovative iLED®  products. That´s why they reconstructed the productionhall into a warehouse.


There was an extra challenge: the existing illumination was not built to be used in a warehouse. On top of that the owners put emphasis on creating a power-saving lightcontrol without laying extra datacables.


Products from the own portfolio in use
The needed illuminants for safety-/emergencylighting and overall lighting are provided by the midsized Illuminantproducer himself. 9 months pass and the reconstruction is finished. The RP-Group assigned the task which was to eletricify the modern warehouse to the experienced and local business Sattler.


There are now High –Bay LED illuminants in use. The automatic lightcontrol of all illuminants is taken care of the CASAMBI® -lightcontrol which is included within the Productportfolio and uses a Bluetooth connection.


Smart energysaving by intelligent lightcontrol
Up until now 30 HQI-illuminants were in use with an individual power consumption of 400 W. All in all that´s 12000W. The new Warehouse now uses 55 high bay-LED-illuminants with an individual power consumption of 100 W. All in all only adds up to 5.500W. Aditionally the quality of light is much improved and the lighting is more consistent. The CASAMBI® -lightcontrol dims all lights down to 20% of their lightingpower.


Only when the row in the warehouse is being used by someone this one row is illuminated with 100 % lightingpower. That causes another energysaving of around 80 % which equals a power consumption of 1,100W. In comparision to the old lighting system that means an overall energy saving of 90 %.


Optimal illumination by also lowering energycosts
Intelligent and user-friendly light control CASAMBI® lowers the operational costs noticeably
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