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Uplandschule Willingen


Upland School in Willingen benefits from intelligent escape route marking.

Zieehhhh - people are flying again in Germany. Ski jumping and biathlon have not only become spectator magnets in recent years. The Upland School in Willingen is a cooperative comprehensive school that combines primary, secondary and secondary modern schools as well as a grammar school branch. In addition to general school education, it is home to the young talents of Nordic skiing. The school's 6 buildings and sports halls were completely equipped with new emergency lighting.

Digitalisation is very important in Willingen. Not surprisingly, the school also relies on a state-of-the-art emergency lighting solution that runs on a wireless radio network (868MHz).

To ensure that pupils and teachers can reach the exits quickly and safely in an emergency, the decision was made in favour of the RP Group's Wireless Professional System, which is particularly suitable for refurbishments due to the elimination of E-30 function maintenance cabling and reduced installation effort. The more than 200 single-battery luminaires installed, which are equipped with radio modules, are controlled and monitored completely wirelessly in compliance with standards.

For convenient set-up and maintenance, the WLZENT control centre is placed at one point in the building wing. On its surface, the virtual building plan with the luminaires is displayed, on which the position and the current luminaire status can be read. The unit, with its specially developed software, allows all luminaires to be set up and tested, and complete test reports to be generated automatically in pdf format and sent by e-mail. Optionally, these can now also be stored in RP's own LIGHTLINX® cloud.

Especially in times of increased energy costs, electricity can be actively saved by switching the luminaires from continuous to standby mode outside of operating hours.

At the Upland School, holistic education and sports promotion are top priorities - and of course the modern emergency lighting solution for optimal safety is not missing!

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