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Zingst Regional School


When there's a fire, it has to happen fast. Every (school) child knows that. A fire safety inspection at a school in Zingst on the Baltic Sea revealed that the escape sign luminaires installed there no longer met current safety requirements. A new system was needed. The choice fell on our Wireless Basic series. Twelve luminaires of this series now guarantee optimally marked escape routes from the school building.

So far, so important. But what was the most important argument in favour of our Wireless Basic range? The answer can be summed up succinctly: superior technology.

The escape sign luminaires equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy modules form a self-contained mesh network. The luminaires report their current status as well as the results of the regular statutory tests to the mobile end device with the Wireless Basic app installed on it, which is also used to set up the luminaire network. And what's more: all relevant data and the complete test reports can optionally be stored in a cloud-based database on the RP online portal LIGHTLINX®. A significant time saving compared to manual testing!

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