Kantoor De Winthont

Utrecht, The Netherlands

The 8-storey office building and the associated multi-storey car park in Utrecht were equipped with a decentralised, wireless emergency lighting system by the commissioned company Linthorst Techniek. The project consulting and products were supplied by our Dutch partner Hertek Group.


A total of 218 escape sign and emergency luminaires were installed. Due to the use of our advanced Wireless Professional technology, the status of all lights can be checked in detail at any time via the display mounted at eye-level in the plant room. This saves the technicians an enormous amount of time during maintenance. 

The main luminaires used were the KSU001WL plastic LED edge luminaire with pictogram set suitable for universal mounting and the LED safety luminaires of the IL series (ILEF021WL and ILDF021WL).


The heart of the installation is the Wireless Professional control centre WLTOUCH, which controls and monitors the escape sign and emergency luminaires networked via the frequency of 868 MHz. The range within buildings is guaranteed to be 30 metres. The wireless system can comprise 250 luminaires as standard and can be extended in steps of 250 up to a total of 1,000 luminaires per control centre.


Universal mounting of escape sign and emergency luminaires
Use of user-friendly Wireless Professional technology
Decentralised monitoring and control of the entire emergency lighting system
Significantly reduced maintenance effort


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