A tailored solution for up to 50,000 luminaires
Wireless Professional is ideal for small, mid-sized
and larger buildings with up to 50,000 luminaires.
Per centre, the wireless system can include 250
devices as standard (including all luminaires, repeaters
and IO boxes) and can be extended to up to 1000 devices. By
networking several centres, significantly more than
1000 luminaires are possible.
  Safe wireless monitoring with minimal cabling
Each Wireless Professional luminaire makes contact with other
luminaires or the centre at a frequency of 868 MHz, a rate
approved across Europe. The range inside buildings is a guaranteed
30 metres, even steel reinforced floors between two levels
aren't an issue. What’s more, the system is not affected by
other wireless signals, such as WLAN, Bluetooth or DECT.


Automatic control with error warning
Wireless Professional just about monitors itself. The system
administrator is e-mailed status and error messages and can
therefore rapidly respond to faults. The daily and/or weekly
function tests allow a log to be automatically kept in the control

  Timer control for energy savings
Many of the Wireless Professional luminaires can be switched
manually or wirelessly. Timer functions for numerous applications
allow energy to be saved at the touch of a button,
for example, if there is no-one in the building at night or over
the weekend.

Low installation and overall costs
Minimal mounting and configuration work, automatic remote
monitoring and time-saving documentation or the energy-saving
timer control – Wireless Professional helps to significantly
cut costs for the building operator in numerous different ways.


The luminaires of the Wireless Professional family have their own power supply by means of a single battery and 868 MHz wireless modules. Installation simply requires a standard 230V AC voltage supply. After mounting, the wireless system organises itself in a completely ad hoc manner. Each Wireless Professional luminaire automatically contacts all other accessible node points, be they other luminaires, repeaters or the centre itself.


  • Simple mounting
  • Minimal cabling work thanks to 868 MHz wireless monitoring
  • Automatic network installation for time-saving commissioning
  • Minimal time needed if changes are made to the system



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