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New Innovation Wireless Basic®

Exterior view of a corridor with Wireless Basic rescue lights

Manage all luminaires at once. Up to 50 single-battery luminaires equipped with the Wireless Basic® module can communicate with one another via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and with an Android smartphone or tablet.


All luminaires in the installation together create a closed, safe Bluetooth mesh network. Each emergency or safety luminaire that is equipped with the Wireless Basic® module reports its current status and the results of legally required regular tests to the mobile end device. All relevant data and the complete testing protocols are also stored in a cloud-based database on the RP online portal LIGHTLINX®.


Installation of the luminaires is simple as there is no need for extensive cabling thanks to the Bluetooth wireless module. The Wireless Basic® app means that it is easy to configure all luminaires, individually or together, from one location. The user is also able to program automatic test intervals in the app, perform manual testing and call up past test results.

As the Wireless Basic® luminaires are active participants in the wireless network, as well as possessing repeater functions, this increases the effective reach of the Bluetooth communication: As long as the mobile end device is located within the range of any one of the luminaires, it can connect to all other luminaires in the network and access all of their data, which considerably reduces the maintenance requirements of the whole system.


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Minimal installation and overall costs
Luminaires communicate with one another via integrated modules
Reduced energy consumption (luminaires can be switched on/off according to a timetable or manually)
Manageable via Android tablet or smartphone
All relevant data and log books stored in the cloud (LIGHTLINX®)
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