Repairs, returns and complaints – simple processing, rapid replacement

Product quality is our number one priority at RP-Technik. All products are tested thoroughly in our laboratories before delivery to the customer. However, should a luminaire develop a fault or be damaged during transport, you can return it no questions asked. The same applies to our central battery systems.
RP-Technik puts the defective luminaire through extensive testing to accurately analyse what has gone wrong. Then the customer is informed as to whether the luminaire is being replaced or repaired. In pressing cases, our customers can also receive advance deliveries so that their safety lighting can continue to run perfectly.

This is how it works

service rma Nummer anfordern per Mail
> service rücksendeformular ausfüllen -icon > karton rückversand
1. Request an RMA number from:

Important information:
  • Item
  • Quantity
  • RP order number
  • Description of fault
  • Internal process number 
  • If required, express desire for an advance replacement
  • Desired delivery address         
                                 2. Receive RMA number and complete return form                         
3. Shippackage.


Emergency and general lighting systems:

RP-Technik GmbH
Hermann-Staudinger-Str. 10-16
63110 Rodgau, Germany

Central battery system:
RP-Technik GmbH
Mittlerer Watzenbach 3
07318 Saalfeld, Germany

Information about the advance replacement service
There is a charge for the advance replacement service for the time being. You are credited for this in full once the defective goods have been received and tested by our technicians. We send the advance replacement to an address of your choice. Please return the defective goods to us promptly.

If the defect was caused by the customer or no defect can be found, the invoice is still owed and the goods are returned to you at an address of your choice. We send the replacement to an address of your choice.

Delivery time for advance replacement
Delivery usually takes around 3-4 weeks from production of the order confirmation. Goods in stock can usually be shipped in a couple of days

Do you have any questions? We are here to help!

+49 6106 66028 257

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