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RP-Group takes over emergency lighting business from Proxll AS

With immediate effect RP-Technik GmbH (Rodgau/Germany) will take over the emergency lighting division from Proxll AS. As trusted partners, RP and Proxll found each other and decided to develop an opportunity and strategy, without losing the proposition in the Norwegian market. Employees and all obligations from existing contracts remain in place and will be fully honored.

The emergency lighting division of Proxll AS, which has been operating and promoting the RP brand successfully in Norway since 2007, becomes now part of the internationally active and globally successful RP-Group, which has more than 40 years of experience in the international emergency lighting market.

Safety is taken very serious in Norway, as that there is room for technological innovation. Henceforth, wireless technology is highly accepted in modern safety concepts. RP-Group is first mover and among others very successful in in the realization and further development of wirelessly controlled emergency lighting.

RP-Group will thus continue to manage the emergency lighting business under its own name from its Oslo location, develop it strategically and operationally and lead it successfully into the future.

The high-performance team in Norway has extensive product and planning expertise in emergency lighting and will continue to expand the business.

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