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Update 2.4: Wireless Professional

The radio system currently includes 250 devices per control center (WLZENT) as standard. From January 2024, the system can then be expanded to up to 1,000 radio devices (lights, repeaters, IO boxes) at no extra charge.
The Wireless Professional Software has been released in version 2.4.5 as an update and complete installation for Windows computers and WLZENT. New systems will now automatically be delivered with this software version.
A new, more powerful version of the compact PC is now available with the WLCPC3. It is also used to monitor and control the WirelessProfessional self-contained battery lights and is intended to operate in a network. The WLCPC3 can now manage up to 1000 WL Pro radio subscribers instead of 250 WL Pro radio subscribers like the WLZENT and WLTOUCH control centers. However, for technical reasons it is not possible to update the previous models WLCPC1 or WLCPC2 to version 2.4.5. However, it is possible to transfer an existing system to a WLCPC3.
In addition to bug fixes, some new functions have also been added: a security feature requires the password to be entered before leaving full-screen mode. This prevents unauthorized operation and termination of the system during ongoing operation.
Other practical features include:

  • the option to manually cancel ongoing functional and endurance tests
  • Acknowledgment of errors and test results by the building technician or installer (this option can be activated by the sales partner)
  • automatically time-delayed endurance tests to reduce radio traffic


You can find the new software version in the download area of our website.


Download Wireless Professional Software 2.4.5 for Windows

Download Wireless Professional Software 2.4.5 for WLZENT

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