Casambi TED Longe Range, Trailing edge

The CBU-TED-LR module is an elegant Bluetooth-controlled CASAMBI® phase-cut dimmer that allows for smooth dimming of all available light sources. It can be installed behind a conventional light switch, in a luminaire, or in a junction box. With the new Long Range feature, you can now enjoy reliable control from even greater distances.

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Technical specifications
Article number
Electrical Data
CASAMBI suitability
Input voltage AC
AC 220-240V / 50-60Hz
Starting current
10 A
Output power max.
100 W
Type of dimming
Communication type
Bluetooth, Wireless, Casambi
Consumption standby
0.3 W
Connection cross-section
1.5 mm²
Starting time
100 ms
Frequency band
2,403 - 2,479 GHz
Max. transmission power
+4 dBm