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Nuremberg, Germany

In the heart of Nuremberg's old town, the Deutsches Museum, a hotel, restaurants and retail shops have been built.

The area offers space not only for the branch of the Deutsches Museum, but also for hotels, retail outlets and restaurants. The "Karl August" hotel, with around 120 rooms, will in future offer its guests upmarket service in the four-star category. The design and ambience of the "Karl August" are based on the overall architecture of the Augustinerhof and present themselves as timeless and clear in form and design. The management will be in the hands of Omar Schmelzer. A gastronomic offer that brings pleasure and joy and connects people is essential for a central and public place.

Visitors to the Augustinerhof can choose. Between a contemporary daytime café for short breaks and small appetites and the savoir-faire of a lively brasserie. Here, the joy of good ingredients should provide moments of pleasure in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

The most important figures:

  • Museum, retail, gastronomy, hotel and underground car park.
  • 23,000m² usable floor space, of which 4,000m² hotel
  • 5,200m² site area 
  • Opening date: 2021

In the entire building complex, RP Group Multi Control, BAT LOGG, supplied OLED luminaires. In total, over 900 RP products were installed:

  • 500 emergency luminaires from the EE series
  • 90 safety lights from the IL series
  • 60 emergency luminaires from the EAR series
  • 200 escape sign luminaires from the OLED series
  • 50 escape sign luminaires from the A series
  • 50 escape sign luminaires from the MM series
  • 1 multiControl central power supply system from the MCS series
  • 1 multiControl central power supply system from the MCX series
  • 9 central power supply system substation from the UCW series
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