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Auto Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Saalfeld, Germany


New illuminants for new vehicles

A cardealer doesn´t impress with high quality only he also knows how to present his vehicles optimally. The Auto Müller GmbH & Co. KG was unsatisfied with the lighting inside their salesbuilding and inside their work shop:


The installed halogen-illuminants had to be replaced gradually. The administration of the Mercedes-Benz cardealer looked for a better solution and found someone who could provide one: the local RP-Group.


LED replaces Halogen
After a promising sampling by RP-Coworkers at the site during July until October of 2017 in close collaboration with a local electrician (laufendem Verkaufs- und Servicebertrieb) the necessary reconstruction were finished. The office- and display areas were equipped with 270 round ceiling panels (type: PA-018005-NW) as well as with 35 inbuild downlights (type: PA-503801-NW).


Inside the workshop 60 Premium hall illuminats (type: HA-150153-NW) with daylightdependant DALI-lightcontrol installed. Aditionally the corridors and storage areas were fitted with differing wet room and
extension illuminants.


Change is rewarding
Many improvements came with the change from halogen- to LED-lighting: LED-illuminants have a much longer lifespan and with that the frequent exchanges of the lights is no longer required. Additionally the power consumption gets lowered noticeably. The result is that the estimated payback-period for the whole renovation will be around 3 years. The consistent LED-lighting provides a homogenous colour of light in the whole building.


Not only does the consistent lighting support a better lighting of vehicles and their paint but also the service staff who especially in this darker time of year can do their customary thorough job in much improved quality of light. The administration of Auto Müller GmbH & Co. KG is very satisfied with choosing LED-illuminants from the RP-Group and the result.


>> Rainer Löschel, branch administrator
Both the guidance and the realization convinced us. Even though reducing the operational costs substantially, we could improve upon the lighting of the vehicle exhibition noticeably. As well, the working conditions inside the workshop area are on a much higher level now due to the optimal lighting of all workplaces.


Lowering of operational costs by less power consumpti on and longer lifespan of LED-illuminants
Consistent lighting and a homogenous colour of light provides optimal presentation and workingconditions.
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