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Safety first

Networked emergency lighting for more safety and efficiency

The Centre de Logop├ędie in Luxembourg is a modern educational facility built specifically for children with hearing and speech problems. The building has specially designed classrooms, therapy rooms, a swimming pool, a sports hall, a canteen and a boarding school to meet the needs of the pupils. The centre can accommodate up to 300 students. The main building was commissioned in 2018.

The task:
RP Group was involved at an early stage in the planning of the buildings and, in consultation with the planning office, drew up a safety concept for the emergency and safety lighting.

The building / The initial situation:
In total, the building consists of three parts. The main building contains the classrooms, therapy rooms and the canteen. The second part of the building houses the swimming pool, the sports hall and the boarding school. The third building complex is still under construction and will be a grammar school.

The challenge:
The task was to find a safe and cost-effective solution for emergency lighting. The aim was also to ensure monitoring and control via a centralised system. In addition, the special requirements due to pupils, chlorinated water in the swimming pool, the use of food in kitchens and canteens and the sports hall had to be taken into account.

For the main building with the classrooms and the canteen, a centralised power supply system was chosen for the security lighting. The central power supply systems are characterised in particular by low maintenance and servicing costs.

In the second building section with swimming pool, sports hall and boarding school, a solution with a central power supply would have been conceivable. However, the necessary installation with E30/E60 cabling would have been too costly and therefore not the most economical solution. For this reason, the decision was made in favour of the Wireless Professional System, which does not require E30/E60 cabling.

The Wireless Professional System consists of wireless single-battery luminaires that connect and communicate with each other independently via radio. The advantage of this technology lies particularly in the low installation effort. Only one central control system is required. A separate room for a central power supply system is thus not required.

The advantages:
RP-Group stood by as a partner from the very beginning, from planning to installation and acceptance.

This meant that further measures, such as the integration of existing general lighting as safety lighting, could be planned and implemented together. This measure alone reduced the installation effort and, accordingly, the costs. Of course, all luminaires were tested in advance and certified accordingly.

With the completion of the grammar school, the networking of the three building complexes will be realised, from the central power supply system via Wireless Professional. Everything will ultimately be available via a platform with complete visualisation and connection to the building management system. This will make maintenance and servicing more efficient, as any problems can be quickly identified and rectified.

The safety concept for the emergency and security lighting at the Centre de Logop├ędie is a reliable, safe and cost-effective solution for an educational institution that is tailored to the needs of students with language problems. The cooperation with RP-Group proved to be very successful and contributed to a successful implementation of the project.

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