RP-Technik  are offering solutions for use in many different applications. Our products in the fields of emergency lighting, general lighting and batteries are selected according to the respective area of use. Thus, we provide various configurations and versions of our products.

Particularly for design-oriented interiors our solutions are very convincing: Numerous five-star hotels around the globe are equipped with our design luminaires. Functional luminaires, however, are mainly used in schools or hospitals.    

      Cloche d'Or

      Modern shopping centre in the heart of Europe

      Expo 2000

      LED technology – the future of lighting


      More safety with Mulit Control

      © Stade de Luxembourg | Client City of luxembourg
      Stade de Luxembourg

      Safety for thousands of visitors

      Centre for Speech Therapy

      Safety first: Connected emergency lighting for more safety and efficiency

      Museum of Bavarian History

      Bavarian history with modern emergency lighting

      Dorint Kongresshotel Mannheim

      Maximum safety in an emergency

      European Court of Justice

      Lighting solutions for public buildings

      Danube Shopping Centre

      More security with Micro Control Wireless Professional

      Gemeentehuis Meierijstad

      Innovative technology for safe workplaces

      LEONI - Factory of the future

      Together with RP into the future

      Hertek Aussenaufnahme am Tag
      Kantoor De Winthont

      Maintenance made easy with wireless technology

      Cargolux Headquarter

      with 1,400 employees

      Hotel Van der Valk

      Functional safety in an attractive design

      Sint Maartenskliniek

      Safety for patients and staff

      Restaurant Bürgerhaus Rodgau-Dudenhofen

      Lighting solutions for the gastronomy

      Mobec AS

      All you need is light!

      RP Group warehouse

      Lights on – costs down!

      Figaro Hotelbetrieb GmbH & Co.KG

      Perfect illumination in the white castle

      Verkaufsraum von Auto Müller in Saalfeld
      Auto Müller GmbH & Co. KG

      Even cars need beautiful lighting

      Aussenaufnahme vom Dorint Parkhotel am Tag
      Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr

      Well-considered and reliable


      Restaurant - Bar - Catering

      Groß-Gerau regional hospital

      Upgrading to energy-efficient LEDs - a worthwhile investment

      HolzLand Becker

      LED shop lighting – cost-efficient and effective

      Montessori campus

      Lighting solutions for educational establishments

      Rondo Shopping Centre

      More security with Wireless Professional

      Hyllie Terrass

      Climate-neutral office building

      Headquarter Reckinger Alfred S.A.

      The excellent A-Series with Wireless Professional in use



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